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Variety of topics including but NOT limited to --

Business / Personal / Leisure / Wellness -- Health / Nutrition

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*  Getting to know ourselves better

*  Something to change / improve about ourselves

*  An alternative or new direction we would like to explore

*  Something affecting our life - we have no control over

*  A path we want to find, get on, stay on

Many different areas intertwine, affecting our journey

Walking Within Life's Paths

Helping You In Your Journey 

All of us have something in our lives we want to work on for any number of reasons...

Health & Wellness



          Physical, &


Leisure & Recreation

*  Social Interactions

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Whatever path you are on ~  or want to be on …

We NEVER walk through life's paths alone

Be willing to WORK

-- to discover, arrive, & remain on the RIGHT path for YOU.

 Recognize & Embrace

-- Your path to the main road may change (probably SEVERAL times)

NO WALK consists of only one step

-- You must keep trudging on