All of us have something in our lives we want to work on for any number of reasons...


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Many different areas intertwine, affecting our journey

Walking Within Life's Paths

Helping You In Your Journey 

*  Getting to know ourselves better

*  Something to change / improve about ourselves

*  An alternative or new direction we would like to explore

*  Something affecting our life - we have no control over

*  A path we want to find, get on, stay on

Deb's Professional Services

Health & Wellness



          Physical, &


Leisure & Recreation

*  Social Interactions

Whatever path you are on ~  or want to be on …

We NEVER walk through life's paths alone

Be willing to WORK

-- to discover, arrive, & remain on the RIGHT path for YOU.

 Recognize & Embrace

-- Your path to the main road may change (probably SEVERAL times)

NO WALK consists of only one step

-- You must keep trudging on